Dordean Massage


This pandemic has been a blight on all of our lives. Our nervous systems are sending messages to the rest of our body that just sometimes doesn't make sense in our modern times. 
Fight or flight?  Muscles just seize like a deer in headlights and our emotions can't make heads or tails out of it. 

Seven years ago, my body was doing just that. I was at my wits end, emotionally, spiritually and physically. So decided to jump into a new career. Where is the logic? 
Massage Therapy at the National Holistic Institute was the answer and I began learning a process to help with, not only my sore muscles but, the anxiety and stress that the muscles can go through that can come with depression. Muscle memory does not just mean repetitive physical activity. It can also be trauma that one goes through and the brain decides to store it in the body. 

It was amazing to learn how many symptoms massage therapy can help our bodies process. I then decided to continue down the rabbit hole of the nature of our bodies and leveled up my knowledge of the human anatomy with Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy. The connections became much more perceivable. As I was able to relax muscles, I was able to relax the game of "telephone" from the nervous system to the mind. Jinkies!  

Today, you can now experience a massage therapy session in a safe space for you to process the nature of what is going on in today's world. To suss out the miscommunication of your body and mind and get to the heart of it all.
How it's so important to release that negative mindset from the body to the brain. 
Help your soul to sigh. 


Peace, Love, and Namaste

-Heather Harris


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